United States to Withdraw from the United Nations?

I saw that a bill had been proposed that would see the United States withdraw from the United Nations entirely.  That seems like a mistake to me.

I think withdrawing from the UN entirely would be a strategic blunder.  Reducing our commitments might be appropriate, if we find ourselves unable to support them.

However, I recall the Soviet Union boycotting the UN in 1950, and how it stopped them from being able to veto the resolution on the Korean War which saw a peacekeeping force deployed to South Korea.  For the Soviet Union, that was a terrible strategic blunder.  If the United States withdrew from the United Nations entirely, it would surely lose its preeminent position on the Security Council and the power that comes with it.

Politics is complicated and often a headache, but it requires participation.  It is one of the few places where we cannot simply walk away from people and situations that we do not like for our personal comfort, because that does not fix anything.

There is a famous quote: “Those who refuse to participate in politics end up being governed by their inferiors”.  I can’t support a total withdrawal from the United Nations, but I could understand a reduction of our commitments to them in those areas where the United States has been contributing more than their “fair share”.  It seems that the United States was providing 22% of the financial funding for the UN, and easing that burden seems reasonable on a world with over 100 countries.

But politics is not a “take my toys and go home” kind of endeavor.  I want to see less meddling abroad (especially militarily), but I don’t want to see a total abdication of our position there.





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