Applauding Their Own Demise

I have seen a bit of a problem that I don’t understand completely.  I see people who are in their mid to late 50’s and even early 60’s who take a hard line in opposition to Medicaid, and it baffles me.

Now, I understand their firm belief that “people should pay their own way” and “if you can’t afford it you shouldn’t have it”, but the medical conditions people suffer from are usually the reason that they are not more productive and can’t work.  Often, the beneficiaries of Medicaid are the elderly and children, for whom the opportunity to work has not yet arrived or has already passed.  There are only so many jobs that people can continue to work in their old age, and for many people working is no longer an option.

Cutting Medicaid to children seems to be saying “Your potential is not worth the investment.”  Cutting Medicaid to the elderly is basically saying “You have outlived your usefulness, therefore it is time for you to die.”

What bothers me so much is seeing people who are likely to be on Medicaid in the near future cheering its demise.  That is some dedication to principle, to applaud the end of a program you will shortly be dependent on (or die).  Either that, or they have no foresight.


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