Already Calling for Surrender

I think there’s a major problem with one of the major political parties in the United States.  I’ve been seeing a meme making the rounds on Facebook that asks “independents” et al. to “Get over it” and plan to vote for Democrats in the 2018 and 2020 elections.

Really?  You haven’t even nominated a candidate yet, but you already want people to vote for them?  You don’t have issues or policy, but think that the rallying cry of “This country is a dumpster fire” is going to win votes?  It will probably get some, but not enough.

I do my best to vote for what I think is the best direction to go.  I distinctly remember wandering through the brickyard (a courtyard, but covered with bricks), where the campus Democrats had set up a tent and were trying to encourage people to vote for some candidate (I forget who).  When I approached them, thinking they would be the best place to get their viewpoint, I asked “Why do you think I should vote Democrat?”

The student attendant responded “Well, look around.  Do you want four more years like we had under Republican leadership?”

I responded, “I’ve already decided I’m not voting Republican, but I don’t know who I’m voting for yet.  I don’t vote against candidates, I vote for them.  Why should I vote for yours instead of voting third party?”  At that point, my fellow student seemed to be at a loss for words, and stammered out some talking points verbatim from the brochures they were passing out.  It wasn’t terribly convincing.

That seems to be the problem with the Democratic party, that they think all they have to do is not be Republicans and that will be good enough.  There’s not a clear vision, beyond having everyone unified under their command.  Democrats seem more intent on just being part of a social club rather than having a vision for where they are trying to take the country, or some idea of how to get there.  It certainly explains why they are more likely to inflict emotional pain by calling people racist or sexist or Islamophobic, rather than making logical or moral arguments about why any of those things are wrong.

If Democrats (or any other candidates) want to win votes, they need to focus on problems and solutions.  I’d like to see our political discussion get back to focusing on real problems and their potential solutions, and get rid of the name-calling.  Insulting me will never win my vote.


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